Meet the Board

Krissy Bear close up, smiling, wearing winter coat with thin headband with silver emblam in center.

Kristy Redfield (Krysta Bell)
President - Fire Keeper

I am honored to be the vice president for Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc.  My personal mission is to influence humanity in a way that inspires a symbiotic relationship with Humanity, the Divine, and Earth. I have my own business as an Earth Tender. I am a minister who honors individual beliefs and ceremonies. Whether I inspire the individual or the masses, it is my intention to influence generations to come. I'm proud to be at the beginning of this movement as I am confident that we will inspire a positive influence in humanity.

Aurora, close up holding a drum. Standing in front of a tree in the woods.

Aurora Hill
Founder & Spirit Keeper
Vice President - Water Keeper

Aurora Hill is the Founder of Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. School of Divinity. Her life-long quest for a personal relationship with the Divine has inspired classes, workshops and events with a focus on the participants personal mission and their unique relationship with spirituality. Her work has evolved into GTM, Inc and the two year course a Consecrated Personal Mission (CPM). Aurora attained her Bachelor of Divinity in 1999 following a corporate career as a Designer/Drafter. She walks her path as a teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master/Practitioner/Teacher, DreamScape Consciousness Facilitator, writer and illustrator. She officiates legal ceremonies, and has extensive experience as an international, regional, and local events planner.

Christie standing in front of tall grass, wearing a white flowing top and dark brimmed hat. Feather hanging from her hair.

Christie Owens

Secretary - Air Keeper

Christine L. Owens is an artist and a 30-year student of the IChing. She is a native of Idaho, married over 40 years and has raised her family in Coeur d’Alene. After a few years as a legal assistant, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double degree in Art and Education. She is now retired from teaching and is focused on family, nature, spiritual growth and expression through her painting and fiber design.

Jennifer Brown standing in front of a path in the woods with rocks in the background. Wearing blue flowing blouse with gold-tone leaves.

Jennifer Brown
Board Member 

Jennifer L. Brown is an ordained Spiritual Muse, who believes through healing ourselves we also heal each other and the future! Jennifer is a  Usui Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher who holds sacred space through Reiki, meditations, ceremonies, classes, retreats, fairs, clearings and Angel card readings. Jennifer L. Brown loves to share her gifts for Spiritual growth and to bring the community together so we can raise the vibration for healing All. If you need inspiration to create a path right for you, healing for trauma, surgeries, relationship shifts, or a Self Care Moment, it is all honored with Love.


 Be the Change you want to see in the World, Create the life you want to Love & Fall in Love Everyday.

Shelly Kay close up. Smiling, looking straight at the camera. Wearing blue sweater and stone neclace.

Shelly Kay

Board Member

Hello!  My name is Shelly Kay.  

I am, Author of  the “Soul Sprinkles” Website and Blog.  

Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc strongly aligns with my values of community building and furthering our "personal and spiritual journey."  

I love being a part of creating and nurturing space for all to unite with a strong focus on humanity.  

Cyndal close up. Head slightly turned, looking at camera smiling. In front of green leafy tree, wearing black blouse with colorfol flowers.

Cyndal Wallace

 Alumni Committee Chair

Cyndal Wallace is a Hypnotherapist, mindfulness coach and a spiritual practitioner. Cyndal is out to change the world, one person at a time. Cyndal is a passionate advocate for self empowerment and healing.

She combines her eclectic studies and intuition to empower others to move towards wellness. Some of her spiritual studies include, shamanic journey work, astrology, and sound healing.

When Cyndal isn't with clients and encouraging others to become the best version of themselves she can be found creating art, volunteering at a local Animal Sanctuary, or out in nature.