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Application for Ordainment
As an Emissary of Divinity

~Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc., School of Divinity~

The Vision

The purpose of Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. (GTM, Inc.) is to Support the research, study and networking of those wishing to further their personal spiritual journey through community building, spiritual counseling, teaching and interactive classes, seminars and workshops and/or through ordainment as a Sister or Brother of Divinity.

Request for Ordination as an Emisssary of Divinity

Prefered method of contact

Application Successfully Submitted!

* By submitting this form, I am requesting Ordination as a Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. Sister or Brother of Divinity

Next Steps:

1) Please email a photo of yourself to

2) Submit payment ($92 ordination fee + $38 Annual Membership fee for a total of $130 U.S. Dollars). You will be billed annually for $38 USD for Membership to keep your Ministry legal and active.

*Outside US contact the office for payment Information.

Send payment to:


Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. School of Divinity

782  S. Ruby Rd.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814

Or Pay Online

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