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Emissary of Divinity

Ministry Ordainment

~Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc., School of Divinity~

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Our Vision

Who are You? 

What Is Your Ministry?


Advanced Ministry


Guided Activities


New Ordainment

Renewing Your Ordainment

Ministry Mapping

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Why Ordain?

Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc., School of Divinity

Our Vision

The purpose of Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. (GTM, Inc.) is to Support the research, study and networking of those wishing to further their personal spiritual journey through community building, spiritual counseling, teaching and interactive classes, seminars and workshops and/or through ordainment as an Emissary of Divinity.


Who Are You and Why We Care?

At Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. we do not invite you to ordainment to become a "minister."

We ask, "What is YOUR ministry?
What does your heart beat for?

Have you discovered a purpose or prompting from life that you simply cannot deny?

We invite you to share YOUR ministry with us and the world, and ordain that!!

What is your ministry?

You may be someone that has always known, sometimes known, or never known what ministry you have brought to grace our world. If you find yourself in the latter category, no worries!  Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. School of Divinity, offers numerous opportunities to grow and express yourself.  Through one-to-one spiritual guidance, work and playshops, continuing education, and self-led explorations, we walk beside you as you journey. And when you are ready, we welcome you to consider ordainment as an Emissary of Divinity. 

Continued Edcation

Continued Education

Advancing Your Ministry

Ordaining your ministry with Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. designates your work as a Bachelors of Divinity. If you wish to advance your education in ministry, we have many options for you to explore. 

 We invite you to teach us as well!

Do you have a course you would like to offer?

Education occurs in a myriad of ways,

let's co-create a plan for you together.


Short Courses

GTM, Inc. is blessed to have a diverse array of alumni who share their unique ministry.

Our alum offer coaching, guidance, and other continuing education opportunities.

Coming Soon: calendar of events for current opportunities.


Past offerings have included work and play shops, retreats, webinars, field trips, and other experiential learning.

We also believe in and support teaching as continued education.

What have you taught others?

How has that contributed to advancing your own learning?

What would you like to teach us?

Guided Activities

In addition to our list of courses, GTM, Inc. offers Guided Activities and Outward-facing Adventures to get in touch with your inward facing growth. Please check our calendar of events for our upcoming offerings.



Applying for and Renewing Your Ministry

Thank you for your interest, commitment, and devotion to your individual ministry and purpose.  We welcome you to scroll down to the New Ordainment button below, and begin the application process. 

Initial Ordination Application

Renewing Your Ministry

We have two paths of renewal for you to choose: Basic Renewal and Advanced Ministry Path.

A Basic Renewal requires a declaration and signature on the statement of ethics.

Advanced Ministry is offered to those who wish to continue their education and ministry with the intent to complete a Master's and/or PhD level of study. This path will be supported and guided in partnership with GTM, Inc. Board of Directors. And designed by YOU. Please find the guidelines for our Advanced Ministry Path below.

Ministry Path Mapping

Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. School of Divinity offers our ordained ministers a path to advanced ministry. If it is your desire is to continue your education, you may design, co-create, and apply for a Master of Divinity, and a PhD. in Divinity. Thev details of these paths may be found here. 

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