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Class Schedule & Prospectus

Circle of women inside around a mat set up with the four directions. One woman reaching down next to one of the women sitting looking down.

CPM 2025 Class Schedule

Jan. 5, 6, 7/2024
Feb. 2, 3, 4/2024
Mar. 15, 16, 17/2024
Apr. 26, 27, 28/2024
Jun. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16/2024

(DreamQuest) 3p.m.Wed. thru 3p.m. Sun. Jul. 26, 27, 28/2024
Sep. 13, 14, 15/2024
Nov.. 1, 2, 3/2024

Jan. 10, 11, 12/2025 – Graduation

We meet for 3 days each scheduled weekend from 8:30 a.m. to approximately 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted. DreamQuest weekend is a 5 day campout and all plans will be made by the group. For each gathering: Bring a Journal, pens, notebook, a yoga mat and blanket and a sack lunch, unless informed otherwise. Always dress comfortably. Call if you are running late: Aurora 208-640-0660 or Andrea 208-449-8817


Aurora with another woman handing her a certificate, standing in front of a table with candles. Prayer flag handing on the wall above the table.

Consecrated Personal Mission:

Co-create a culture of self-exploration and focused research in service to your unique expression of Divine L*O*V*E*.


The Vision:

Realizing one’s highest spiritual potential, and creating a life that expresses the dynamic possibilities of that unique personal vision.

The Mission:

As an independent non-denominational service organization dedicated to the spiritual transformation and regeneration of all humanity, we commit this program in service to your personally chosen mission. The intention is that you will complete a one-year program with a clear vision of your purpose, a plan for unfolding your Consecrated Personal Mission, and a firm foundation acquired through in-depth research and study on your chosen path. Upon completion of the one-year program you will have the opportunity to choose ordination to the Mission you design, as a legally ordained independent spiritualist or to proceed as an ambassador, fully empowered in your Consecrated Personal Mission.

Through the GTM, Inc. Consecrated Personal Mission:

1) We commit to an evolving process of refining and refocusing the purpose and direction of each participant’s chosen Mission while we seek to apply the highest spiritual concepts of living to every intention on our path.


2) We are the architects and directors of projects, programs and paradigms that generate unprecedented transformation on the planet.


3) We commit to being present and fully engaged in the class work, including setting intentions to be completed between gatherings.

Yellow flower blooming with tall stalk and grass in the background.
Aurora standing with a man holding a certificate in front of table and prayer flags. Both are smiling looking at the camera.


The GTM, Inc. curriculum for the Consecrated Personal Mission serves as the foundation for group study that reinforces and enhances each participant’s personal field of study. You will be supported through personal coaching and mentoring whenever you seek assistance.  As guides and mentors we are dedicated to the success and fulfillment of the work of each participant in the program. As one succeeds, we all succeed.


We seek inter-relatedness with all people, all cultures, and all religions, honoring each person’s chosen avenue of spiritual expression.


What is the GTM, Inc. Consecrated Personal Mission (CPM)? 

The CPM prepares, trains and commissions participants for lives of dynamic service to humanity, bringing forth awareness of Divine L*O*V*E* (the Living Oneness of Vital Energy) and cosmic perspectives of the

Uni-verse. This is a unique opportunity for participants to develop and nurture co-created service projects and a personally defined life purpose that transforms one’s own life and the lives of all who are touched by their chosen Mission.

Three women standing in prayer inside. Woman wearing light flowing sweaters and adorned with bracelets, rings and neclaces.

Commitments and Outcomes:

 (Promises of the Program)


We are a self-generated and evolving community committed to:

1) Discovering, defining and acquiring knowledge of a personally designed field of study and path for one’s intended growth.

2) Becoming Ambassadors and/or ordained independent spiritualists of our Consecrated Personal Mission, prepared to teach, serve, guide or mentor others on this path.

3) Becoming, by living example, one that shares the concepts of Divine L*O*V*E* which permeates all of life and all of the cosmic realms.

4) Doing good work and becoming more versed in ways to heal the body, uplift the soul, and free the mind.

5) Becoming increasingly diversified in one’s ability and passion to share spiritual enlightenment; supporting one's commitment to enhance spiritual capabilities through dedication to growth, diligent participation and focused attention to one’s CPM.

6) Being ever compatible with, and willing to participate within any/all religious, social, civic, educational, political, economical and familial environments by seeking harmony and opportunities for growth, and finding sustenance in these varied communities.

7) Working as a team, mutually supporting each other as we encourage growth and success for our fellow participants through cultivating knowledge and mastery of our chosen path and CPM.

8) Choosing to become a legally ordained spiritual leader or minister, and/or creating a dynamic path of Ambassadorship to our CPM.

Aurora standing with another graduate in front of table and prayer flags. Wearing graduation ribbons with assorted adornments.

My Success is Ensured as I:


1) Ask for support when needed and look for ways to assist when others request collaboration, reinforcement and encouragement.

2) Share insights and accomplishments through regular communications with my facilitator, celebrate victories, and refine skills in areas of potential growth.

3) Follow through with commitments and participate fully in all gatherings. Make an effort to complete all assignments and projects on time. Acknowledge my need to re-commit when necessary.

4) Actively seek leadership roles and ways to assist in gatherings/events.

5) Develop a comprehensive plan for initiating my Consecrated Personal Mission upon graduation and take it powerfully into the world.

Registration Information:

  1. Read the Prospectus in its entirety. Let us know if you have  any questions. 

  2. Complete the application form below and return to or mail to: 782 S. Ruby Rd Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

  3. Upon completion of your application you will be notified of acceptance and your first payment will be collected.

  4. Clear your calendar for all 9 gatherings (see schedule above)

  5. Make your payment(s) according to your agreement. 

Aurora standing with a woman, looking at papers. One wearing a long flowing blue dress and the other wearing a light pink long flowing dress and white shoes.
Aurora standing with another woman looking at each other. The other woman has hands crossed at her chest. Standing in front of a window, a lamp and an angel sitting atop a table behind them.

All Gatherings are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:30 a.m. til 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted. A total of 9 gatherings as indicated in the current class schedule meet at 782 S. Ruby Rd. except for the DreamQuest Weekend (location TBD). Tuition does not include room and board. If you need a place to stay near the class location GTM, Inc. can offer local information about lodging. 

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Class of 2025

Now Enrolling!


Co-create a culture of self-expression.

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What to expect from your mentors and yourself.

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Creative Payment Options. Scholarships & Work Study Opportunities Available!

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