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Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. School of Divinity
Statement of Ethics
Certification of Qualifications for acceptance as an Emissary of Divinity


I hereby certify that:

As an Emissary of Divinity and through all my ministerial practices, classes or services, I follow the laws of the jurisdictions where I am serving.
The rights and well-being of all living beings, including children and animals are and will always be respected in any activities I perform as a GTM, Inc. minister.
There are currently no judgements, restraining orders or restrictions of any kind against me or my business;
I have never resigned or been terminated from a voluntary or employed position on the basis of or due to sexual or financial fraud or misconduct of any kind;
I have not been involved in any civil, criminal, or ecclesiastical complaint or charge has ever been brought or made against me for sexual or financial fraud or misconduct of any kind;

This certification is accurate and granted to the best of my knowledge and may be verified by Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. at any time. If there is a judgement of any kind against me, it is my responsibility to notify GTM, Inc. at once.

I hereby authorize GTM, Inc. to verify this information by contacting anyone necessary to complete a background check. I specifically authorize all previous employers, agencies, organizations, agents, or representatives including law enforcement agencies or judicial authorities to release any and all requested information to GTM, Inc. I understand that the information obtained through these sources may be used to deny my membership in, ordination through or employment by GTM, Inc.

I agree to hold harmless GTM, Inc. and all organizations persons or entities of any type who provide information regarding this certification from any and all claims, liabilities and causes of action for the legitimate release or use of any information.

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