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Krysta Bell walking in the grass, head looking down, wearing tan headband/scarf and brown sweater with jeans.

"In the last two years I have grown into my personal power, gained an unwavering confidence, and recognized my unique talents! This course has forever empowered me and will forever inspire me!"

-Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear / Speaking Feather / Kristy 

CPM Graduate 2019

Andrea close up, smiling, head tilted looking to the right. Wearing flowery white head band and tie-die cloak.

"Embarking with GTM Inc. through CPM Participation, Graduation and Ordainment has brought my skills and offerings full circle. I now fully embrace my mission and our community supports my vision. Thank you GTM Inc. for helping me bring my dreams to reality".

-Andrea Bell / Dancing Feather / CPM Graduate 2019

Christie Owens painting of an lady, firey hair lifting up like flames, sitting cross-legged naked in a filed with flowers. Chakras lighting up center of body, and two pastel tinted wings. Two arms inward toward light of chakra, and two arms outstretched in meditation.

"I have let go of so many people that I used to be! The CPM program brought me to know myself and allow my Self to be seen. The learning doesn't stop at the end of the course. CPM taught me to find my answers by looking inward and through a safe fellowship with others: L.O.V.E."


-Christine Owens / Painting Feather / CPM Graduate 2019
(Image: "Becoming" an oil painting by Christine Owens)

Cyndal close up, head turned toward camera, smiling. Curls in hair. Interior background with a window.

"When I joined CPM over two years ago I honestly didn't know what direction  I was going. I just knew I wanted something different and this program was going to be valuable. Very quickly, after joining the CPM everything started to fall into place. Before I knew it, I became a business owner and Master Hypnotherapist of a thriving business called Blooming Lotus Hypnosis. Aurora and all the participants truly helped with focus, direction, and clarity to allow my business to bloom. I am truly grateful for the CPM. Over the course of two years there was so much transformation and I feel that was possible because of how empowered I felt and to take a leap of faith. It was all possible because of the CPM. I'm incredibly grateful. I highly suggest this course to anyone."

-Cyndal Wallace / CPM Graduate 2020

"I graduated this CPM December 2019. This 2-year quarterly program has completely and profoundly changed my life, and the life of all my fellow students on every level. I use the tools taught in my every day living and how I relate to all on earth!"

-Ellen Kudrna / Wild Feather / CPM Graduate 2019

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