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2nd Annual Spirit Rising Festival!

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Hours of operation 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Booth set up time:

Friday 2-4 pm 

Saturday before 9:30 am

Sunday before 9:30am

*Vendor's potluck on Friday at 4 pm.

*We respectfully request that you stay with your booth until closing each day.

Camping is available for vendors only.

Please remember to secure your booth and all valuables for the night. If leaving your booth overnight it must be tied down. We will have security on the grounds however GTM, Inc. promotions are not responsible for loss or damage to anything left on the grounds overnight.

Space is limited to 25 vendors, so register early!

Booth space is 10x10.

1. Participants/Vendors are responsible for meeting state and city licensing requirements.

2. Tables must be covered. Booths will be attractive and well maintained throughout the Fair. Please plan accordingly.

3. No refunds cancellations later than June 11, 2022.

4. Sponsors are not responsible for loss, breakage or theft of vendors' products, materials or belongings.

5. Cost is $92 for early-bird, or $111 after May 15th.

*By completing this form, you acknowledge your agreement to these terms.