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4 directions painted on canvas mat. Paintings of animals, sayings, sun, rainbow, and blooming lotus. Sacred objects including 7 candles, stones, and feathers lay atop the mat.

Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc.

Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc. Purpose:

To support the research, study and networking of those wishing to further their personal spiritual journey.

We are committed to community building, spiritual counseling and teaching through interactive classes, seminars, and workshops. 


*We also offer ordainment as a Sister or Brother of Divinity.

Green angel statue praying. Tall white candle and bowl in at foot of angel.



To ordain qualified applicants as legal officiants on their chosen path of spiritual expression that aligns with the ethical, honorable, compassionate, and just treatment of all beings while upholding the vision and mission of Gathering Thyme Movement, Inc.


To provide personal, business, and spiritual development through the two-year Consecrated Personal Mission (CPM) program and other classes, seminars and meetings offered by GTM, Inc. and its member associates and Alumni.


To educate our community, and our world, about diverse faiths and spiritual persuasions by providing public and private forums where all people are heard and supported in their personal commitment to a chosen path of loving spiritual expression.


To create an active spiritual presence in our community through the development of classes, workshops, seminars, ceremonies and gatherings that are open to all faiths and spiritual persuasions.


To engage in activities that support the above-mentioned objectives, purposes and/or activities of philosophically aligned organizations.

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Resource Directory 

Ordainment FAQ's and information

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